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We bear witness to the suffering and the steadfastness of The UK vaccine injury community. This space witnesses a few of the thousands of families living with the damage that can be caused by vaccination. The stories are in separate blog entries and can be viewed on the right via the menu >>>>>>>>

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If you have experienced an adverse event following vaccination in the UK, please make a Yellow Card Report and contact any of the organisations below providing support and information. If you would like to tell your story, please contact us.

Informed Choice in all medical matters is protected by law, both national and international. However, in the case of mass vaccination, this practice is not as clearly defended as it should be. Anyone considering a medical intervention should have the opportunity to explore the potential benefits and costs before making their decision. This is almost never offered in the case of vaccination. It is never satisfactorily offered in the case of minors receiving vaccinations at secondary school.

When adverse events do occur after vaccination, the association with the vaccine is often ignored. Families can find it very difficult to access the help they need. They are rarely made aware of the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System. The HMRC Vaccine Damage Payment is almost never discussed, and is very difficult to access. Vaccine makers are not liable for any after effect of the use of their products.

Links to the UK support groups:

Parenting Network
Justice, Awareness and Basic Support


UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters

* Please report all adverse events to the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System

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