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Zannah · October 27, 2019 at 9:14 am

So heart-breaking. As soon as I heard her talk about the high pitched scream I burst into tears as I remembered that awful day our daughter had her MMR. We were ushered out of the surgery through the fire escape so that other parents with their children in the waiting room would not be put off. I cradled her in my arms in the back of the car all the way home. Her language vanished, her sleeping pattern changed….it was like something had switched off in her. She regressed into Autism behaviours and our life of home-schooling, co-sleeping and surviving began. I wouldn’t vaccinate her younger brother due to complete fear of vaccine injury. He is a very healthy 11 year old who has never even needed a doctors appointment during his life. As for our daughter, now 15, through round the clock care from us her parents, lots of patience and her tightly-controlled day-to-day life…she is now only noticeably affected when in social situations or if you ask her to read. Turning short-term memory to long-term memory is a lengthy and repetitive exercise and her anxiety is a problem for her. My eldest 2 daughters were vaccinated and have had problems with either allergies or skin problems. My eldest daughter has chosen not to vaccinate her 2 children, they are 2 and 4. She is under immense pressure from the ‘authorities’ and other parents but holding her ground. My 2nd eldest and her partner have opted to have their newborn put through the full immunisation program. He is 2 weeks old. My heart breaks.
To all the parents and carers of vaccine injured children, and to the children themselves, I send you my love and strength. To all the people tirelessly working for truth and transparency, we all send our thanks.

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