“The right to civil and non-violent protest is sacrosanct. However, intimidation, violence or threats of violence are crimes." – Gavin Williamson, UK Education Secretary 

It is not the first time public health authorities choose to look the other way when a part of the population is suffering… but never before in history has such a large part of the electorate worldwide been so vilified, marginalised and demonised, giving GPs, radio/TV hosts and every one in between the green light to declare all out war on families.
The vaccine injured community acknowledge the insults and restrictions placed upon us. We are determined to continue to alert the authorities to the exponential increase in harm, much of which is listed in manufacturers’ data sheets.
Patient testimonies are the bedrock of safety studies in medicine. It seems this is now true in all domains except vaccines.
Parents and patients in the UK have been sounding the alarm for decades. There are tens of thousands of mums and dads and siblings in the UK, all affected by vaccine injury. All trying to alert the authorities and regulators that we have a problem. In the absence of any state assistance, they have learned to support each other, trying to make sense of our society abandoning them although they complied, and vaccinated their children.
They include the thousands who had legal aid limited in the last century, the hundreds who have successfully claimed vaccine damage payouts in the UK, those who have been informed they cannot claim if their child died before the age of 2, others who have had their requests for toxicology panels performed at autopsy rejected… They also include the thousands upon thousands upon thousands more who are silently and stoically just trying to survive their personal catastrophes.
The continued courage and tenacity of the global community is inspirational – increasingly reaching out to each other trying to make society stop and look at the carnage. Alongside this community, we have the physicians and scientists, the journalists and the lawyers, who put their careers on the line because they want to be on the right side of history. They see the travesty and they choose to refuse to be a part of it. Instead, they risk their reputations and their livelihoods in order to bring truth and balance and common sense.
Parents have said for decades that the truth is hiding in plain sight, and this was proven true yet again at the World Health Organization Vaccine Safety Summit in Geneva, December 2019. The world’s top scientists gathered to discuss the lack of pharmacovigilance, gaps in vaccine safety and post marketing surveillance, the issues with adjuvants, the lack of information to health professionals and the lack of confidence in patients but also in the front line health care professionals.
Parents are often asked what they want. The answers vary but almost always boil down to the same four points:
Public Health authorities must be challenged on the sources of the information they provide with the evidence presented in a clear and referenced manner in all publications;
The science, authorities, media and regulators must be freed from the shackles of industry;
Herd Immunity is used as a rallying cry to encourage vaccination. Its existence in vaccinated populations must be empirically proven before it is allowed to be invoked. The majority of adults (81% of the UK population) are unvaccinated according to the current NHS schedule, which makes a mockery of the claims.
The industry that has been exposed for fraud and misinformation to patients and regulators in the reams and lists of cases such as surgical mesh, implants, Vioxx, Gadolinium, statins, fluoroquinolones … is the same industry that makes and markets vaccines. When we have corporations that have annual turnovers that rival the GDP of even developed nations, we have a problem in the balance of influence. Regulators and authorities are in place to serve the interests of the population, not the corporate giants.. We need to remind them of this.
🔸Informed Choice:
GMC Good Practice Guidelines and the law (both national and international) should be robustly adhered to, including the Montgomery ruling and Gillick competency in the UK, without coercion or prejudice. Parents and students and patients must be given the pros and the cons and the alternatives in order to make an informed choice.
The reporting of adverse events should be mandated as it is in Japan;
Yellow Card Reports should be followed up by the MHRA;
The Vaccine Damage Act needs to be reassessed with consultation to look at parameters of causality and age and 60% disability, funding of the Unit at DWP, and dedicating a budget for payouts financed by the manufacturers themselves, not the taxpayer.
Legal Aid should be reinstated for all vaccine damage cases.
The JCVI should be required to use full post marketing and safety data in their decision making, not the small figures they currently use. They do not reflect the true cost of vaccination to society, as the cost of vaccine damage is not included.
Doctors should be free to be honest and proactive in their discussions with patients; pathologists should be required to investigate vaccination as a potential cause of death; and medical and legal experts should not be at risk of losing their reputations and careers for standing up for parents in court.
All over the world, people in their hundreds of thousands are saying #wedid: We complied, we did vaccinate, then we were abandoned to our fate by those we listened to, the experts who knew best. With vaccine schedules growing exponentially and the pressure to vaccinate coming at us relentlessly from every direction, the numbers of vaccine reactions are growing apace. The numbers of people demanding answers are swelling day by day by virtue of this.
Vaxxed II, The People’s Truth is an accounting of the stories people around the world told to Polly Tommey after the first documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe came out in 2016.
The People’s Truth premiered at The Tabernacle in London’s Notting Hill on 26th January 2020 to an audience in the hundreds. It was a last minute decision with less than 3 weeks to organise. The Tabernacle were placed under tremendous pressure from the media, and others, to cancel the event but they refused, citing the right to freedom of speech and expression in the UK.
A street protest was organised to attempt to discourage attendance, and disparaging articles were published in the Daily Mail. The venue sold out within hours of these being made public.
In the audience were vaccine injured young people and adults, parents of vaccine injured children and adults, parents whose babies had died after vaccination, members of the media and various health professionals. As the hundreds of ticket holders walked the gauntlet of insults through the dozen or so protestors, some took photographs of the placards. One said “parent snuff film”, referring to the accounts of death after vaccination by parents, one said “antivax = pro disease” and others held up a couple of quotes from Dr Peter Hotez, a proponent of mandatory vaccination in the USA. The protestors were from an autism not-for-profit.
The parents and patients attending the premiere wondered over and over again how members of an autism not-for-profit could show such breath-taking lack of compassion, and how they had the time and resources to do what they do. However, the discussions always turned back to the struggle with the regulators and public health authorities: the lack of oversight, the abject failure of the MHRA to follow up on Yellow Card reports, the travesty that is the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit, the astronomical cost to the state of caring for thousands of severely incapacitated individuals for decades – and how to quantify that. They also wondered how to survive the latest insult: this distasteful open season on them, with everyone, from comedians to radio show hosts declaring war, encouraged even by the Minister for Health and the World Health Organisation, cynically pitting parents against each other.
Bowing to the clamouring of parents up and down the country who were unable to attend the premiere, regional screenings began to be organised by dozens of locals around the UK. As expected, as soon as a screening was made public, phone calls, emails and social media messages would be received by the venue. The callers would say some very strange things. One informed the manager of a pub that it was illegal to screen this film in the UK. An owner was told that there would be hordes of protesters outside the building on the day of the event. Others have been told they are going to cause babies to die. Several have said that Vaxxed is directly responsible for recents deaths from measles in the UK. A local GP told a venue on social media that they were going to cause death in the local area. All the venues suffered a flurry of horrible reviews on their business pages by people who had neither visited their premises, nor watched either film. There seem to be no consequences for this level of misinformation, dishonest stats, intimidation, harassment and bullying.
Imagine if these were targeting parents raising the alarm on thalidomide?
Onward and upward – there are now dozens of screenings planned in towns and cities across the UK, with more in the pipeline. Please join the group: We Brought Vaxxed to the UK for details of those.

While we wait to be heard, the families in the UK will not be silenced.


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